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In my blog I write about my thoughts due to my experiences in life. I will share what fascinated me, what inspired me, what I observed. I will write about themes I couldn't make my mind up.

As I am form Austria I have experienced the northern hemisphere has sometimes a different take on to subjects to the southern hemisphere and information is differently available. I hope you will find the different views as interesting as I do.

My thoughts are meant to embody and empower you.


This blog is not a medical advice and doesn't replace medical treatment.

Here are the titles of my articles which you can read below.

*) Credibility by association

*) Im Meer der Möglichkeiten

*) News from overseas - Germany/US

*) Can we trust mainstream media?

*) Trying to understand the world

*) Diet and nutrition - live a little

*) Difficult times? Give yourself a break

*) Vaccination - two strong opinions collide```

*) CoV19 - a hint for "back to nature"?

Credibility by association 

29 März 2023

Isn’t that interesting more and more people give themselves extra credit” by pointing out who they know and who they socialise with even when they just have seen them once in the street or sitting in a restaurant. The higher ranking these people are, the more they are in the spotlight the more important are these people for polishing the own little egos.

Why do people do that? Of course, the older we get the more we know people in top positions or in the spotlights. Does this have any effect our daily life? We remain the same people, with the same education, the same stories in life, the same struggles within the families etc. Often, these “known people” have NO meaning at all for our own little daily life as we don’t keep in contact or meet them on a regular base. It just brings a little happiness to the own little life to feel more important.

Often however, credibility by association misleads other people and it’s a lie which comes to life. I don’t like people taking advantage of other people’s achievement and good reputation without permission. Unfortunately, it can hardly be stopped. However, it says a lot about the person who uses “credibility by association” again and again. 

I'm sorry people think that's okay to do that. I'm sorry for the people thinking they can't shine on their own and in any other way. 

Stay healthy and happy & trust the light


Im Meer der Möglichkeiten

15 März 2023

Wer wären wir, wenn wir nicht unsere wunderbaren Herzensmenschen in unserem Leben hätten, die unseren Weg begleiten, ihn und uns erhellen und uns auch in den dunkelsten Stunden wertschätzend annehmen können?

Eine meiner inspirierendsten Wegbegleiterinnen mit so viel Herz und so viel Verstand ist Frau Mag. Martina Pichler. Mit ihr bin ich immer im "Meer der unendlich vielen Möglichkeiten", wo das Leben bunt ist.

Für das "Warum" möchte ich auf ihre Website "Psychologie im Garten" sowie auf ihren Blog verweisen.

Sehr inspirierend, sehr wohltuend, Herz, Geist und Seele kommen "nach Hause".

Stay healthy and happy & trust the light


News from overseas - Germany

10 October 2020

In the last few weeks very interesting things happened and are happening overseas. Here I want share some information which you might not get that easily as they are from overseas. First however I want to point out I am not on a mission to override your believes I just want to provide different maybe additional information.

1) Dr. Reiner Fuellmich "Crimes against humanity" A lawyer talks about a CoV19 class action in the US.

2) CDC Documents: “No Quantified Virus Isolates Of The 2019-NCoV Are Currently Available” This article was published in "The Washington Standard".

Here is the study.

3) It's my absolut honour and pleasure to give information about a book, called "Corona false alarm?" which is written by an amazing man and virologist Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakti and his amazing wife Dr. Katharina Reiss. Dr. Sucharit Bhakti trained thousands of virologists and their both knowledge is internationally highly regarded. The book was no. 1 for months since it got published in Germany earlier this year. Soon it will be available in English.

Every morning I tell myself, "One day closer to the end of craziness".

Stay healthy and happy & trust the light


Can we trust mainstream media

4 August 2020

I am not a left wing nor a representative of the right wing I just don't like lies.

What happened on the weekend, on 1. August 2020 in Berlin was very impressive:

1.3 Mio people demonstrated peacefully in the streets against the CoV19-restrictions the government put in place months ago, impacting on their human / citizen rights.

About this event mainstream media worldwide used figures and told stories just to discredit the people demonstrating. E.g.

The New York times

They wrote, "17.000 people didn't follow social distancing and were not wearing masks." Well. That's right. It was summer and the temperature was about 30 degrees. I don't know how many doctors still would recommend wearing a mask when it is that hot?

The main-demonstration took place in a street called "Strasse des 17. Juni". This street is

3.58 km long and 85 m wide, that makes 304.300 qm. Which means everybody had 18qm for herself/himself. I guess that's more than social distancing measurements demand.

So what's the problem?

If they were more than 17.000 people as shown above on the photos - media didn't give us the right figures about how many people were demonstrating.

As no CoV19-spikes happened worldwide after the BLM-demonstrations, so again, what's the problem?

After the demonstration was finished the Antifa came and started destroying and fighting again.

What a poor performance of mainstream media!

What did Australia's mainstream media report?

As I wrote above - I am not a left wing nor a right wing representative - and so were the people demonstrating. I / we just don't like lies!

Stay healthy and happy


Trying to understand the world

7 June 2020

I am not a right wing nor a representative of the left wing I just don't like lies.

Almost my whole life long I tried to understand the world. I tried to understand why people behaved as they did and why I sometimes felt so different about what was right or wrong. It was very difficult to internally distance me from other people and their decisions and how they thought it was the right way to act in life.

I got to know different theories, and many worked for me a little bit. I want to introduce you to three of my favourite “understanding the world”-theories.

The first explanation I found in the movie “What The Bleep Do We K​now?” the movie a scientist said “The brain processes 400 Billion bits of information per second, but can only be aware of 2000 of those. These 2000 bits of information have to be familiar for us otherwise they do not mean anything to us till we put it all together.” The conclusion for me is, even when two people experiencing the same situation, their interpretation might be totally different due to that fact mentioned above. That gave reason for me why people act and react so differently.

However, it didn’t explain all for me, so my search continued.

I found the next piece of the jigsaw in Peter Grunwald’s explanation about the eyesight and the connection to the body and the brain. He wrote in his book “The Art of Integrating Eye, Brain and Body”

, “75% of all people are short sighted, 20 % are longsighted and 5 % are both. They can switch between long-sightedness and short-sightedness in their brain.” In his book he explains, the connection of the eyesight determining the thought process: short-sighted people see the action, and which step they have to do next. Long-sighted people see the action and the outcome or effect of an action. This was very interesting for me.

Peter Grunwald’s book provided a lot of inner peace for me. I suddenly could understand how to adjust my communication. Communicating became much easier and with less misunderstandings. Eg. In my clinic I started to keep it in mind and started to adjust to my clients. I adapted to my communication and the outcome was great. People felt so much safer. Some people want to be taken “by the hand” and need to know the next step (short-sighted), other people need the space and the freedom to make their own decisions (long-sighted).

Still I was looking for some further general understanding. When I turned 54 the universe gave me a big present. In 4 parts of a 15 minutes radio broadcast they introduced me to the life of Highly-Sensitive People “HSP”. I could relate to it in every single minute. A new life had begun.

Due to their genetics, HSP’s have more neurotransmitters in the brain than other people.

Definition of a “HSP”: “HSP’s experience physical, mental or emotional responses to internal or external stimuli more strongly.” It explained for me e.g. why Homeopathic remedies work so well for some people (like me) and not for others. It explained to me why I am reacting so much stronger to e.g. to noise, fumes, chemicals on fruits than others. It also explained for me why people can do things which we can’t explain or proof e.g. Clairvoyants. (I would love to have that gift!)

It gave me the freedom to be the way I am. Many times, I can feel the potential of a person and it is very difficult for me to “work” with them when they live a life way far different from their potential. It’s almost like I have to deal with two people in one person.

I need to take care of myself and to choose carefully and as much as I can the amounts of stimuli I have in my life. I don’t do well with small talk and negativity. I can do it, but it takes too much out of me. I need my times on my own to resource myself, for not running out of energy. I need to be in nature, I need to live in harmony, and I need to have my own thoughts. My free spirit is very important and very resourcing for me.

Sources: , and many more books, websites and own experiences.

After I finished my article “Understanding the world” I realised I still can’t understand the world. I am still looking for some explanations for being able to understand what’s going on in the world.

1) So far, so many societies, especially in the western world were so big on “political correctness” - now we just smack everything and discredit everyone who has a different opinion to the mainstream information.

2) I know so many people which are good people, trying to do the right thing, have a healthy lifestyle, eg. eat organically, question genetically modified fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly, enjoy meditation and are still keen to get all kinds of vaccinations – which are high potency chemicals put directly into their body and are keen on getting the new CoV19 vaccination which – if it all works out – will influence their genetics. For more information please go to or Make up your mind yourself!

3) As we live in a free country and “political correctness” is one of our great values, citizens should have the choice how they want to take care of their bodies, e.g. if they want to get a vaccine or not.

4) Isn’t it bizarre, so many age care facilities won’t allow healthy family members or friends to visit a resident without having the flu shot, while a just recently vaccinated person which spreads the germs is welcome?

For more information please see the US research study of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) made in 2018.

Stay healthy and happy


Diet and nutrition - live a little

3 May 2020

While I am a BIG believer in a healthy lifestyle including diet and nutrition, I’m getting more and more put off by the demanding regimes which don’t see the individual person. I’m put off by skinny people judging curvy padded people. The most disciplined people I have met were many times the overweight people. They have tried hard many times to improve their weight situation. For whatever reason, may it be stress, some subconscious reasons or other health reasons like thyroid problems, they might not have always been successful to lose the weight or might not have been able to keep it down. It’s too easy to judge upon others without knowing the background of their lives. Just because it’s easy for us being slim – who doesn’t want to be? – doesn’t automatically mean we know how to do it. “One size does NOT fit all” especially when it comes to diet and nutrition.

I am almost 55 years of age going through Menopause and I watch my diet for at least 30 years. I never felt skinny and I very likely will never be skinny. Although looking back on old photos, I was quite slim although I would have never thought I was. I had an extremely thin elder sister and when I reached the age of 4 I very likely had caught up to her weight.

When I turned 16 years, I had the body weight I still had when I was in my thirties. I was 168 cm tall and had 56 kg – too much when I looked amongst my school friends which most of them had under 50 kg.

Diet and nutrition became an extra focus when I got pregnant. I didn’t want to put on too much weight and I also became allergic to fruit. At the high point of my allergic reactions to food was very intense. I was vomiting eg. apples almost immediately I felt a piece of apple on my tongue. I got even nauseous from having green salad. The only fresh fruit I could always eat were raspberries for many years! I would say about 20 years. I still love raspberries. Thankfully in the meantime I can enjoy other fresh organic fruit.

I tried a LOT of different diets and strategies to get rid to my food allergies and to help my gut. During all those years my eating habits changed and what I got recommended felt often quite opposite to my body’s needs. The following mentioned diets and health advices are working for many people, but they didn’t work so well for me.

1) I skipped the sugar many times which never made a difference to how I felt or to my body weight.

2) I tried to live a vegetarian lifestyle to then find out the more I skipped meat and fish the more I craved sugar.

3) My husband and I lived vegan for 3 weeks. He lost 8 kg in these 3 weeks - I couldn’t get out of bed after 10 days. I had to go to a naturopath to get some herbal mixture to help me with my energy. My weight loss was about minus 2 kg – with a generous look at my scales.

4) I tried to drink lemon water in the morning which made me feel almost unbearable cold for the whole day.

5) I tried Anthony Williams celery juice for 1.5 years, which is great for me but just in summer when it’s warm. I can’t start the day with something cold in the colder months, even when the drink has room temperature and is not out of the fridge. It just cools my body too much.

6) And I tried many other recommendations.

Coming to Australia I put on a lot of weight. The only thing I changed was - I had diner, because in Australia the biggest meal is eaten at night times. I am a morning and a lunchtime eater. I tried so hard to adjust to the Australian lifestyle, but I could not. I was cold the whole day long and it really effected my mood. My joy of life got really impacted due to how I felt. When I finally sat down for diner, I was sooooo hungry - I definitely ate more than it was good for me. And the late dinners effected my sleeping badly.

I struggled a lot to step back from sitting down and having a meal with my husband. He has a totally different eating rhythm and he rarely has breakfast. I still miss the most beautiful and healthy meals my husband was cooking in the evening. Romney is an amazing chef. I’m a big believer in freshly cooked meals and I still miss the meals together at the end of the day. It was such a nice finish to the day.

Menopause didn’t make it easier to keep the weight off and not additionally gain weight. I discovered my stomach doesn’t process carbs so well anymore and also my stomach doesn’t like food after 2.00 pm in the afternoon. Observing the changes and doubting my body’s needs I booked into a retreat in Austria last year. I desperately wanted to lose weight and to see where I was going wrong with my way of eating.

It was a big eye opener. The doctor tested my body composition of water, fat and muscles mass and told me, she “would not at all recommend me to lose more than 3 kg of bodyweight as I have a great muscle mass and a beautiful base to get old very healthy. If I lost more than 3 kg, I would just get rid of muscles”.

Another doctor told me,” The slowing down of the digestive fire is totally normal and the less you eat in the afternoon the healthier you will be when you get old.” I was quite surprised and still questioned what I have to change to improve.

I had to smile when I found out about another trend “intermitted fasting” which I was doing all along without knowing that’s a new trend now.

As a new year’s resolution for 2020 I gave myself permission to live a little. I questioned myself if I really wanted to be locked up in a diet regime for the rest of my life? Did I really want to continue to have this diet pressure in my life? The answer was a clear “no”.

As I don’t have a medical reason to be on a certain diet like eg. diabetes or thyroid problems I surrendered to listen to my body’s needs and to trust my body’s wisdom. It was me who doubted its signs and it was me who didn’t listen to its needs. I keep a lot of the good diet and nutrition advices in my mind, but they don’t override my personal experience anymore. Sometimes, I have just 2 meals a day, sometimes I have a little snack in the afternoon too, still not too late. Sometimes I enjoy coffee and cake. Sometimes I have a piece of meat with my veggies. I love and enjoy my healthy breakfast and my healthy lunch. I feel good the whole day as I don’t feel cold and I don’t’ feel like running out of energy all the time. My weight came down a little without a limiting diet regime. I guess because I listened to my body. I enjoy it and the new me.

Isn’t it all about feeling good and living well? So, live a little ….

Stay healthy and happy



Difficult times? Give yourself a break

1 May 2020

In the last few weeks I had the chance to watch and listen to a few online conferences. If I remember it right it was Gunther Schmidt, a German psychotherapist, who gave a talk about “How to feel safe in difficult times”. It was a very inspiring talk and I want to share one of the strategies he offered.

During that time when we all got hit with the unknown in many different aspects of our life I tried his suggestion and it worked wonderfully for me. It made me feel safe and put me a better emotional and mental place.

Gunther Schmidt suggested to visualise a space in which you feel safe. Is it a house? An apartment or just a room? How is the decoration? Is it warm or cool in there? Is it near the beach or on the beach? Is the space in the mountains or maybe in your home? Are there other people? People you know or people which you would love to be there, and you haven’t met yet? Just visualise as many details as you can.

Then “take your problem” and hand it over to this safe room and the people in there - like you hand over your kids to the Ladies in day care you trust, and you know your kids are safe.

Say “goodbye” to your problem and continue with your day.

Your problems are perfectly looked after. They might change while they are in the safe space and you can heal a little as you don’t have to carry your problems during the day.

As Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist said, “A human being is always more than its problem”.

Stay healthy and happy


Vaccination - two strong opinions collide

30 April 2020

The flu vaccination season has already started and we are waiting for the CoV19 vaccine to arise (if at all – a safe one is very likely be a long time away) I want to share a few thoughts, to raise a few questions and to mention a few facts and I want to give information which might not be known or is rarely given.

I am not against vaccination in general I just think we should be VERY careful which vaccination we get and when.

Before we go into my caring thoughts I ask you all to check who is giving which information and based on which interest. Even Australia has such a conflict

Here is an article about the research study which is called "Australian Data: Cancer Epidemic in Gardasil" published on Robert Kennedy jr.'s website.

I also recommend to watch the movies vaxxed and vaxxed II. Especially vaxxed II is very interesting as they compare the health of vaccinated children to unvaccinated ones.

I rarely hear from clients they get told to build up their immune system prior to the flu shot.

Wouldn’t it be much easier for the body to deal with a substance foreign to the body if the immune system was really strong before the shot? Maybe less side effects would occur?

I don't know if the knowledge is out you can test your antibodies about the effectiveness of vaccinations as many vaccines need a refresher. I did the antibody tests before I came to Australia and I was surprised how well my body had reacted to most of the vaccinations I had gotten - many were just one single shot: no refresher needed for decades!!!!

Each year I ask people which got the flu shot if they have been informed that they spread the flu virus pathogens quite intensely within the next 3 days after and can continue to spread the virus up to three weeks after the shot? The flu shot might protect them, but according to an US research study, which was published in 2018 in the National Academy of Science (PNAS), they might put other people at risk for a while.

The study showed the concentration of the flu virus pathogens is 6,3 times higher during exhalation after the flu shot. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Did you know that?

Scientists were surprised to find out vaccinated people expelled such a lot of flu pathogens just by simple breathing out. So far scientists believed you need to sneeze or to cough to infect other people – No, you can infect other people just by breathing out.

Why do so many doctors still say “There are no side effects” to the flu shot or if side effects occur “Thank God, you had the flu shot, it would have been so much worse”.

In my daily clinic and due to my own experience, people go perfectly healthy to get the flu or pneumonia shot and end up really sick. I got the flu shot just once in my life and never again. I couldn’t get over the flu like symptoms for 6 months and my brain felt “foggy” for ages. Yes, there is no prove beside my own experience.

355 people were part of the research study mentioned above, 178 people = more than 50 % ! showed flu like symptoms like a cough or a runny nose. So, when researchers confirm the possible side effects why are so many trusting patients still get old by their doctors, “There are none”?

This is just one research of many and there are more side effects people experience than the above mentioned ones. Many side effects show up later and even years after they vaccine got the approval. Did you ever get informed the vaccine you got were taken off the market because it had to many side effects and did you get told which ones the vaccine caused? Some vaccines (eg. for shingles or pneumonia) were taken off the market again in one country because they caused to many side effects. Did they got happily sold in another country without information about the side effects it caused?

I am well aware there are many studies out showing different results. The study I mentioned above just clarified for me what I have observed over many years.

Last year I treated a young Mum which had a sore back due to lifting her little kids. She was healthy and didn’t show any signs of a runny nose or a cough on the day I treated her. The day after she got the flu shot to keep herself and her family safe. Was it really just a co-accident that within one week her 3 little kids, her husband, her parents and her in-laws which stepped in to look after the sick young family got flu like symptoms?

The question I ask myself and others every year: Is the flu wave which hits us every year really just because of the flu virus or does actually the flu vaccination play a big role in the flu wave?

Why are there no studies done or published to find out what’s really going on?

Investigating into the effectiveness of the flu vaccination the figures differ between

30 % to 60 % of protection effectiveness, if at all. Investigating into the effectiveness of the flu vaccine 2018/2019 used in Europe and America research showed absolutely no effect. Kissling E. 2019. Euro Surveill. 2019;24(8):pii=1900121.

I hope, we, who live in the southern hemisphere got an already adjusted vaccine and we don’t just get sold the already known ineffective flu vaccine, because there were some “leftovers.”

I also can’t understand, and I question every year again and again: Why does the government, the media and so many people tell us again and again very forcefully that people without the flu shot put other people at risk which had the flu shot? If vaccination worked, they are safe – that’s why they get the vaccination for.

However, 10% of the whole population can’t have vaccinations because they are too sick or allergic to one or more substances in the vaccine or they do not build up any antibodies after a vaccination. I can understand the risk for this group of people, and they have my biggest empathy for their needs and their worries.

As the flu is a serious virus and so many people die every year because of it, I would love to know if people still can die and how many of them died even when they had the flu shot, even when pharma companies got it right and the flu vaccine was effective?

Did you know 20% of all flu cases are based on a Corona virus every year? I unfortunately I can’t link up the article I wanted to refer to written by a doctor as it was taken out of the internet as so many articles, general information and interviews disappear at the moment which are not according to mainstream information.

My take on is:

Make your mind up if you want to get the flu shot – don’t let other people decide upon your health as you have to life with the outcome.

We live in a free country and I am taking on responsibility for myself and others and I am a believer you do too. I don’t need the government or other people telling me what I have to do according to their opinion often not based on medical facts. I might have a different opinion and that doesn’t mean, I or people with a different opinion or the ones which do not get the flu shot are bad citizens or “second class” people.

If you decide to get the flu shot or one of the many other available vaccinations done please check on the day if you are healthy.

Maybe build up your immune system especially in the days prior to the vaccination.

Pick a time when you are not socialising so that you don’t put other people at risk.

Stay at home if you have any flu like symptoms or the flu and rest!

Just behave as you did during the CoV19 threat – quarantine yourself!

Never forget a good strong immune system with or without vaccination helps you and all of us.

Thank you!

Stay healthy and happy


CoVID19 - a hint for "back to nature" 

29 April 2020

So many things are written about the Corona Virus that I really didn’t want to add anything more. But I have changed my mind and here are my thoughts. My following words are meant to embody or empower you. They are not meant to replace medical advice. They are just my thoughts.

I am from Austria which had 2 world wars. Some of Austria’s population – most people in the high-risk-group, still remember how it was during the wars and after, they knew how to look after themselves and what they had to do to keep their health up. Yes, they had some funny methods too, but it still worked well. Eg. During the war people got iron deficient. To help that they put an iron nail in an apple, the nail got rusty and then they enjoyed the apple taking out the rusty nail prior of course. The vitamin C in the apple enabled the body to take in the iron more easily. Well, I would not recommend that at all, but it still worked.

A form of the Corona Virus as well as other viruses eg. flu and tummy bugs will very likely always be with us. We have seen the more we moved away from nature and thought we can control nature and do not have to take care of nature, the more we experienced global warming and other man made “nature catastrophes”. I am not a doctor and I have just a simple take on it, but I believe it still may work well, because it’s going back to basics and our human nature.

What I would love to encourage you, is to take on the responsibility for your own health. We owe it to us and our community, especially though the high-risk-group people, the biggest respect. The elderlies worked hard for what we enjoyed generously so far. No one controls our genetics - so how lucky are those of us who are not born with a genetical problem?

We can’t wait till we get a CoV19 vaccine or the right medication and put people at risk if we can contribute to lower the risk of getting and spreading the infection. There are also people for who vaccination doesn’t work or is no option - for at least 10 % of the whole population, a big number of people - eh? As far as I could find out there is still no vaccination even 5 years after the SARS epidemic.

So back to basics and our human nature. My take on is we have to work on our immune system so that we are more able to fight a virus, at the moment especially the CoV19.

We can’t leave it all to politicians or scientists or doctors. We have to go back to basics and look after ourselves and we are obliged to contribute to our health. It’s still our responsibility and no one else’s, to do the best we can to stay healthy at all times not just when we are scared of the CoV19 and then wait till someone else and something else is helping us out.

My grandmother, born 1909, was a very simple woman, but her health was extraordinarily till she died – 3 weeks prior to her 99th birthday. She would annoy the family beyond with her every day at least once saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Or: “get out of the house and move”. With 98 years of age she still refused to sit in a wheelchair as “she was not that old”. When we gave her the wheel chair for her 98 birthday the whole family wanted her to be part of the family life much more as she loved her 6 children, 22 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, 48 nephews and nieces and their families as well as the remaining brothers and sisters and the many friends she had within the neighbourhood. Till today I am a big believer being surrounded with all the people kept her going that long. She loved being amongst people.

We are human beings and we have to have social contacts with other people – it’s just our nature.

What I have learned from my grandmother is we can contribute to improve and strengthen our health in very simple ways. If we take a pill or do things like the following - it’s just an action.

1) Get out into the fresh air and breath

So many people here in Australia are sooooo lucky. They just need to open the door and they can breath fresh air. We are surrounded by the ocean which cleans the air for us as well as the bush does. Isn’t it remarkable, although we had the fires and so much smoke which so many people had to breath in for days and days, Australia is not the worst hit country with the CoV19 Virus which effects the lungs?

2) Move your body.

Even when you just give your body a good shake in the fresh air – feel the difference afterwards. It’s soooo nice!

3) Think about your nutrition.

There is always a little bit that we can improve, but don’t go into a hard regime. We have enough limitations, so live and enjoy what you put into your mouth. Just check if your tastebuds or your body is really liking it.

4) Make every day worth living.

There has to be something which you can still enjoy even when you can’t get back into your old life. Eg. after you had your shower in the morning get back into the bed and read for 10 minutes – I love it!!! My day starts totally differently, and I am in “a happy spot” to face the rest of my day.

5) Think for yourself and make your own decisions about your health. We are not owned by other people. We own our body and our health and we owe it to ourselves.

We don’t help ourselves, neither our immune system nor our mental / emotional state when we just focus on what we can’t do and how scary everything is. Keep in mind media needs a headline and the bigger the drama the bigger the headline the better the selling. With an overload of bad news, we are more stressed which has a negative effect on our immune system. Look up in the internet: psychoneuroimmunology – very interesting stuff. The happier we are the stronger is our immune system. Regarding to my grandmothers love of company I guess she strengthened her immune system every day in that way.

For the moment we have to wait though till we are allowed to meet again.

6) Look after your own body see a health professional

Keep in mind we have a certain amount of energy which we have available to help our body, mind and soul. The less energy we need to just keep our body going the more energy we have available to fight a virus and we feel better too

It’s worth a try to take on the responsibility for our health and to strengthen our immune system and at the same time support the community. We have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

If you need clarification about what I wrote and how I meant it, please get in contact with me. There is MUCH more and in many more different ways to strengthen your health especially your immune system – please keep in mind, I am not a doctor, and everything written above are just my thoughts.

If you need more advice about how to strengthen your immune system or your general health please ask your health care professional, eg. doctor, naturopath (many of them offer online consultations), acupuncturist, chiropractor, osteopath, homeopath, cranio sacraltherapist, pharmacist, ask in the health food shop etc.

Stay healthy and happy